Why learning to cope with stress is a bad idea.

Why learning to cope with stress is a bad idea.No one really wants to admit that they can’t cope. It’s like we have been convinced that stress is necessary in our lives, that it is something we must accept and learn to manage.

But, wouldn’t it be better to get into the habit of letting go, and removing ourselves from situations that we find stressful?

While we are well equipped to handle stress – our body is built to cope with moments of heightened fear and anxiety – it is a necessary survival mechanism.  But remaining in a constant state of anxiety or fear takes a toll on our health as it is not a natural state of being.

A prolonged state of stress is not a positive thing.  It causes a surge of adrenaline and cortisol through the body and we are not supposed to be in a permanent state of stress.

Experiencing a period of stress is absolutely normal. We are built to cope with this. But to be consumed by stress on a daily basis is a burden that steals our happiness and health.

We can’t avoid stress in every area of our lives – this would be equally as unnatural. But if we can develop the habit of allowing stress to disperse naturally and learn to let go of negative emotions that impact our happiness.

Holding onto annoyances and upsets is mentally and physically draining – we all know it is. So why do we put ourselves through it?  What about our happiness? 

Learn to let go.

“Life is all about change.  For this reason it is so important to let go of the pain and sorrows that we carry around on our shoulders.  Letting go and moving on helps us to discover new opportunities.  It is also beneficial towards our own healing.  In fact, you will never fully heal when you are not able to let go”.