Are you feeling tired, have you chronic pain or not sleeping properly?  Are you emotionally drained?

It may be down to your adrenal glands……

The adrenal glands are the two glands that sit on top of your kidneys.  They are involved in producing over 50 hormones (including adrenaline and cortisol) that drive almost every bodily function. They work closely with the pituitary and hypothalamus glands to control all the hormones – and they are essential to our health and wellbeing.

When the adrenals are over-worked or tired, it makes the body feel pretty awful. You may suffer with anxiety, poor sleep, pain or emotional issues.

The adrenal glands pick up on what you experience, they are receptors of anything that is stressful to you – emotionally, mentally and physically. Something I hear from clients is that they know they are suffering from stress, but they have got better at dealing with it – No! Long term, low grade stress really hurts our adrenal glands!

Some of the common symptoms when we have stressed adrenals; Insomnia, fatigue, anxiety, inflammation, lower back pain & sciatica, blood sugar issues.

If this sounds familiar to you, look closely at what is causing your stress, is it time to start new habits to nourish your health and happiness? Walk away from toxic situations, break old patterns, release and let go?

How Reflexology Can Help…..

Reflexology is great in supporting your healing process.  When you can bring your body, mind and spirit into a state of relaxation, you are creating a state in which your body can do its best work.  You are helping it help you, when it doesn’t have to manage the stress it can concentrate on the healing, growing, repairing and cleansing.

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