Reflexology for Palliative Care

There are many different ways that Reflexology can help people. Whether it’s for stress relief, insomnia, fertility, during pregnancy or for general well-being.  

Recently I was providing Reflexology for Palliative Care, the person had cancer and was also my father.

When somebody receives a diagnosis of a life threatening illness, understandably, it is a massive shock and the emotional and physical trauma is huge. The individual has to cope with a rapid physical decline and the gruelling process of treatment for cancer – radiotherapy, chemotherapy, medication, which frequently causes negative physical reactions such as loss of hair, loss of appetite and sickness.

Reflexology can help them both emotionally and physically to overcome this shock, to aid symptom relief and boost overall well-being.  It gives them a sense of taking control and doing something for themselves that makes them feel good.

My routine was to give Reflexology when I was with him, he looked forward to the sessions and enjoyed it so much.  For him, it was very soothing and gave him comfort, while easing the symptoms.  It paired human connection with a therapy that gave him so much in terms of feeling relaxed, comforted and loved.  It helped with any swelling, it improved circulation and it provided the headspace to relax.

Reflexology is carried out on the feet and also on the hands if the feet are not accessible, a hand or foot massage is also so beneficial.  It gives the person support, calming them and it allows them to relax and rest their minds from the reality of their illness for a while or to talk about how they are feeling.

Reflexology can help the person cope with anxiety, fatigue, pain, sleep problems and nausea that comes from their illness.  This does not mean they rely completely on Reflexology, it is used alongside their prescribed medication as a complimentary therapy.