Many people experience sleep issues for a number of different reasons.
We need sleep to function – both physically and mentally. Sleep regulates your mood, improves your memory and it also maintains health, weight and energy levels.

Many of us have suffered from sleep disorders at some point in our lives, it is a common problem.

Lack of sleep or lack of good quality sleep can interfere with the daily life and health of an individual because of its effects on energy levels, emotional balance and general health.

As a Reflexologist I work on the individual systems that may be causing your body issues. Then I focus on the nervous system as this will help induce relaxation and slow the body’s reactions to anything that may be causing it to be stressed and thus help with any sleeping issues. I pay particular attention to the head reflex, brain reflex, spine reflex, adrenal and solar plexus reflexes on the foot.

Sleep is a wonderful place to start if you are trying to improve your health and wellbeing.
Reflexology is a completely natural, non-invasive treatment that gives you more energy to go about your daily routine and with regular reflexology treatments, you can unlock the door to a deeper, more natural sleep.

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Emily Chandler M.I.R.I.L